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excellence since 1839


Van Besouw is not new; it looks back on a long history dating from 1839. The company has grown from a reliable jute sack weaver in to a brand of contemporary carpets. And we are proud of that.

Product innovation comes unexpectedly. In the Second World War, Van Besouw started a paper mill because the traditional raw materials had become scarce. Very innovative despite the situation.

The greatest innovation came in 1967. Led by the industrial designer Benno Premsela, Van Besouw created the now famous cotton loop carpet, starting a revolution in carpet land.

‘Creating rather than imitating’ is the company motto. It was then and still is today. The traditional craftsmanship combined with unique knitting and weaving techniques create aesthetic highpoints.


The collection never stands still. Products that have been in the collection for a long time make way for renewal. An amazing effect can be found in every carpet. Characteristically Van Besouw.

Design team
With a team of internal and external specialists, every day we work on product and colour development. So we can present surprising concepts.

Product values
The starting point for product development is always founded on our key values:
– Authentic: Dutch craftsmanship with an eye for details
– Pioneering: Innovative products with a long lifespan
– Honest: high quality with pure materials
The element of surprise is always paramount.


Van Besouw assumes that everyone can create their own association with our carpets. That is why Van Besouw does not give its carpets names but numbers. In the course of time, they make their own name.

The 3801 is a good example. Everyone who knows the Van Besouw collection knows that this number – or is it the name?  – is our design classic.

The numbers are not chosen at random. The first number stands for the type of material used and the second for the production method. The final two numbers are the serial number.

3= cotton | 8= knit | 01 = serial number

Material                                     Production method
1. wool 1. wilton woven
2. synthetic 2. woven with a pattern
3. cotton 3. –
4. wool/goats’ hair 4. jacquard woven / flat-woven
5. linen 5. fushion bond
6. combination of  materials 6. tufted
7. 80% wool / 20% synthetic 7. –
8. lama wool 8. knitted



Van Besouw gives every room the right character. That is our mission and our duty, to create amazing products and metered colour concepts that give every room the right look and feel.

In that, it is important to be aware of the significance of the correct choice of carpet or rug. In figures, this is probably 20% match with the interior, the optics and look and feel count for a larger percentage.

There are also endless options for customisation. Think of special colours, or custom rugs. Every Van Besouw can be produced as a rug. With a subtle edging to a luxury finish.